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The quality procedure described in this section ensures the fulfillment of product testing and inspection as prescribed in the Quality Management System implemented at DPFC. Quality of raw material and manufactured products are controlled by:

  • Adherence to international standards and customer requirements
  • Performance of testing and inspection according to the documented internal work instructions
  • Systematic collection of information at various stages from receipt of raw material to finished Products.

Inspection and Test Plan implemented by Dubai Pipes starts by inspecting the incoming raw material, passes by process control and monitoring and continues to the finished products testing.

Testing could be by either destructive or non destructive, dimensional and visual, conducted at predetermined frequency.

A standard inspection and test plan is available and implemented by Dubai Pipes, it does meet the requirement for most of International Testing Standards. The test plan may be modified based on customer’s requirements

Click here for Link Inspection and Test Plan.

Qualification tests:
In addition to the regular online product testing and to raw material testing, below long term tests are internally carried out in order to qualify the incoming raw material as well as to predict the long term performance of the produced pipes:

  • Strain Corrosion as per ASTM D 3681: Standard Test method for “Chemical resistance of fiberglass pipe in deflection condition”
  • Hydrostatic Design Basis as per ASTM D 2992: Standard practice for “Obtaining hydrostatic or pressure design basis for fiberglass pipe and fittings”
  • Ring Bending as per ASTM D 5365: : Standard test method for “Long term ring bending strain of fiberglass pipe”





GRP pipes and fittings manufactured by Dubai Pipes Factory Co. are in accordance with the following International Standards:

ASTM D3262: Standard Specification for Fiberglass Sewer Pipe.
ASTM D3517: Standard Specification for Fiberglass Pressure Pipe.
ASTM D3754: Standard Specification for Fiberglass Sewer and Industrial Pressure Pipe.
BS 5480 which is superseded by:
BS EN 14364: Specification for Glass Reinforced Plastics Pipes, Joints and Fittings for use for Water Supply and Sewerage.
BS EN 1796: Specification for Glass Reinforced Plastics Pipes, Joints and Fittings for use for Drainage and Sewerage.
AWWA C950 for Fiberglass Pressure Pipe.

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